Upcoming this September

A totally redesigned update


This redesign tries to make Timelogger Plus more familiar for users that use Apple applications. It adopts the same color definition and provides the Light and Dark mode as well. The navigation was modified making it more simple and powerful to use.

What’s New



For your Home and Lock Screen

Widgets will let you quickly see the status of your timers, goals, amount of tracked time, or even calculated gains. They are fully configurable to let you specify exactly what you want to see on your Home and Lock Screen.


Live Activities

For your Timers

Live Activities is a feature that will help you not forget to stop your Timers. When enabled Timelogger Plus will create Live Activities for your active Timers as soon you put it into the background.


Redesigned Dashboard

Simpler but Better

The new Dashboard will allow you to quickly understand your tracked time by showing progress comparisons between previous periods. It also will enable you to navigate through it to keep filtering what you want to see.



To increase motivation

With Goals, you can specify the amount of time you wanna accomplish and see the insights for those goals. There are Daily goals, Weekly Goals, and Monthly Goals. They can be associated with Timers, Folders, or any tracked time regardless of where they come from.


Dynamic Font

The foundation of the redesign

This was the main focus during the redesign to make it more usable for users with lower vision. Basically, Timelogger will adjust the text size based on the user Accessibility definition and will increase the size of the elements if needed to fit the text.

And more

There are many more small improvements and small features on this update, such as Search capability, period comparison on the Dashboard, improved Context Menus, improved Timer details screen, ability to see the activity for the current visible period on the Dashboard, just to mention a few.