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What is Timelogger?

Timelogger: Time tracking for Freelance & Routines is a time tracking app that allows you to actively manage and monitor various tasks on your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad. It is ideal for repetitive daily routines, homemaking tasks, personal projects, or any activity people want to track and control. To ensure you never forget to do a certain task, you can also set weekly alerts or even location alerts . It can also be used for professional purposes. You can set billing rates for your tasks and keep track of your earnings from a stats view and a historic view.

Key Features?

Record time using timers;
iCloud synchronization;
PDF Reports;
Manual time entries and edition;
Multiple active timers;
Apple Watch App;
Universal application;
Today Widget;
Weekly alerts;
Location alerts;
Billing rates for tasks;
CSV exportation;
Task notes;
Notes for time entries;
Notes for tasks;

How to use it?

After create your tasks, to record time, you just need one tap, on the Start Timer icon, to start a timer and another tap to stop it. You can also create and\or edit manual time entries from the historic view of a Task.

Who built it?

Timelogger: Time tracking for Freelance & Routines, was built and designed by Filipe Martins on his spare time with lot of passion, hard work and dedication. Filipe Martins has graduated from Instutudo Superior T├ęcnico in Lisbon Portugal, and he is a passion iOS Developer, and Apple Fan, which has been developing apps for the App Store since 2010.

Pricing and availability?

Timelogger: Time tracking for Freelance & Routines is available on the App Store worldwide and is free to use with 3 task slots.
If you need to extend the number of tasks on the App you can unlock the slots limit for $4.99.